Saturday, April 11, 2009

Entering (again) my life at home

I returned to the States on February 24, began work on a two week project in Seattle the following Monday. (Turned out to be three weeks) We had forty metal columns to install in a new 20 million dollar Microsoft complex.
There were two of us at first, doing the ones that required machining. The last few days we had a crew of eight.

Home to Idaho for three days then a flight to Portland for another short job. (4days) Then a deck demo job with my partner just for the fun of it at his house.

My head is spinning just recapping these event's as I sit here finally home. I look forward to relaxing but I'm wondering if it is all going to catch up with me like a rubber band snapping backwards and push me off the edge into another whirlwind. I think not-----whirlwinds are not in my immediate future.

I have been thinking a lot lately about about change, transitions, shifting from one reality or paradigm to another. In this case I am looking at the difference between the Ken's life as a traveler, (travel for work and traveling for the sake of traveling) and Ken's life as a home body.

From my perspective it's my life, and there is no borderline between the two, however, the process of unpacking my things, going to the grocery store, or just planning to be part of some community events seems foreign, so there must be a difference. This is feeling like another piece for "The Deeper Side" ( for now suffice it to say that Spring is here, I am excited about being home in Clark Fork and that every Spring brings change, transition and shifting realities. The two photos here are a good example of shifting realities. Last December my friend Paul's yard was devastated by an ice storm. Mother Nature however did not buy into the concept of "devastation". Spring is here and she is coming on strong, maybe even stronger now that she has undergone a bit of pruning.

Change is constant and evolution is always in motion, the big mystery is "where is it all going" of "what does it all mean"

Home with my new ride, It may be April 14th but this Beemer was glad to be in Idaho.

My brother gave me this car, (It had to leave California or face a firing squad) I got here and took it to the muffler shop, I thought it was too loud. The guy checked it over and found nothing. He said: "It's a BMW, get used to it and get yourself some nice sunglasses"

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