Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ken's Back in the Blog-O-Sphere

I finally found out how to access this blog, and now I believe I will use it again. Beginning with some retrospective stuff.

I am wanting to create a travel blog, and here goes--

Let first see about posting pictures----and next an update on at least enough of my life that my friends who are not in close contact with me can get a current picture.

The sweetie on the right is Kalya Amiria Bedient My daughter Rhianna and her husband Joshua welcomed her into the world a year and a half ago on June 21st.The little girl on the left is my second granddaughter Jenica Renée Bachelder J She was born September 4th 2008. Her proud parents are Shay and Robert Bachelder.

That's all for this test post, If things are working well, then I will be continuing with One4Peace's history and journals soon

I've been on the road for over a month now, it's surely amazing where life is taking me.

I have a wonderful home aboard the Bountiful during the Summer months. I couldn't ask for more beautiful sunrises or for a better part of the world to live in during the Summer. I have done my share of Winters in North Idaho since 1976 and I am not ashamed to do my best to live in a warmer climate for the Winter months.

It is a new year, so why not pick a new colour for a while. It is as if I instantly
manifested my desire to be somewhere warm. In reality I have been here in Bisbee Arizone for almost two weeks. I am visiting a friend of a friend (And now my friend) who is snowbirding it here and enjoying the desert and the wildlife that abounds here.
Bev is a fantastic photographer and an accomplished naturalist. Like me she has a deep love of nature and she enjoys silence.
I will sum up my journey from Idaho to Arizona in my next post