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Will Science and Religion Ever See Eye to Eye?

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This is and an between post post. As I evolve so does this blog. Below is a link to an interesting article.
Bill Casler, my father lived his life striving to prove the connection sited below. This is the last picture I took of my Dad while he was with us here on Planet Earth. This is to your memory dad. (And yes, science and religion are totally connected!)

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We now move from the timeless realm of enlightenment to the present-day battle between science and religion.

These two fields of thought and practice often seem diametrically opposed. Yet, with disarming simplicity, theologian John Haught explains how both domains are actually in pursuit of the same eternal mystery in an interview entitled, "A God-Shaped Hole at the Heart of Our Being."

As Haught eloquently states, "Even a scientist is grasped by the value of the truth and surrenders his or her life to the pursuit of that truth. Whether they say so explicitly or not, I think many scientists, if not most, have made a commitment to something much larger than themselves that is inexhaustible.

"They realize that no matter how much they probe, the horizons will keep on receding. I associate that very closely with what theology refers to as religious experience."

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Oops I almost forgot. The Solution to the Photo Puzzler

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Yes it's a Cottonwood tree

From Autumn to Winter 08

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From Autumn to Winter 08

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